Reasons Why You Should Smile

Today I was scrolling through my Instagram and I happened to notice the change in me. Apart from getting handsome every passing day (as others say), I noticed that I started smiling more. I have started to show the beautiful teeth that I have got and it just boggled my mind. I started to think as in why I started to smile for pictures and rather than grinning or just pout.

And here I’m with another post on why I started smiling and why you should also smile. So, let’s go.

  • Smile, because, you have got that in you and you look beautiful when you do that.
  • On a physical note, when you smile, your cheek muscles move and that’s a very good exercise for you.
  • Smiling makes you happy. Well, it did to me. I know that people smile when they are happy, but let me tell you, smiling actually makes people happy on the other hand.

I use to grin a lot in my photos earlier and I thought it’s okay. But, when I posted a picture where I did show my beautifully aligned teeth, though how sad or depressed I may be, I instantly got a positive aura around me to smile more and be positive.

  • As someone said, smiling is contagious and I roger that. You smile and that makes others smile. You don’t have to crack a joke or watch funny videos on YouTube. But just look at someone straight into their eyes and smile, they’ll smile back as well. It’s contagious.
  • I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and I came across this picture, which said, “You reap what you sow” and I want to sow smile and happiness because I want to reap the same.

Since you got these five reasons on why to smile, let’s all take an oath to smile forever. Even when you are feeling low and hopeless, even when you are sad and depressed. Smile. It can change your mood instantly and trust me, you’ll regain positivity and happiness gradually.

And hey, smile, because you got it.



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